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Drive - Accountability - Dependability

Exceptionally well-versed in leadership and experience collaborating with teammates to complete projects successfully and efficiently. Successful in quickly building skills, self-teaching, and acquiring new skills. 

Perfectionist, not afraid to put in the extra effort to get a job done. Whether that be early mornings, late nights, working in extreme weather conditions, or incredibly stressful situations requiring mental strength.  A highly social person who enjoys networking, meeting new people, and learning from others.  Coachable, like to learn new things. Organized, do things the correct way the first time, and do not waste time.

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Determined to Succeed

Jeremiah "Jerry" is a graduate from Bethel University in Saint. Paul, MN, with a Bachelor of Science in Biokinetics, Human Bioenergetics.  He made the Dean's list all four years in college, won the fast brain award at amateur nationals, and served on the biokinetics board junior year.  He is a goal setter, organized, moves quickly to action, organized and enthusiast.

Jerry is passionate about all aspects of dirt bikes. Riding them for fun, racing competitively, working on them, and training to ride them.  He enjoys spending time with his friends and family, outdoors duck and goose hunting, and cleaning up waste left by other people, along with grilling and smoking meat, and likes wrenching on various projects in his garage.  He is passionate about nutrition/diet and teaches people about the correct nutrition/diets. As Americans, we are always looking for the quickest fix possible, and social media is very persuasive. Social media is good at pulling people in and getting them to believe things without giving them all the information needed to educate themselves or form opinions. 

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In My Own Words

My passion for racing has taught me drive and competitiveness, and you can't have things handed to you.  If you want it, you need to work for it. 

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